New Book Brings Light to Progressivism in America

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Dr. Anthony Napoleon argues that progressivism is bad for America and reveals what this “virus” has in store for the country in his new book, The Progressive Virus: Why You Can’t Permit it to Go Forward.

America has a fever; a mysterious illness that has transformed this country to look nothing like what the founders intended. Whether you call it progressivism, socialism, or communism, America’s greatness is rooted in the philosophical opposite of the socialist collective.

Napoleon removes the curtain hiding progressive secrets, revealing the truth about the progressive’s revolution for America by identifying the engineers who created this “virus” and why they spread it to the general public.  These revolutionaries are operating in stealth mode and Napoleon attempts to open Americans’ eyes to expose the true condition of this country. As a legal expert, Napoleon argues against the progressive ideology throughout his book by going back in history to point out its origins, explaining how it grew into what it is today, and then pointing out  how and why we should stop it.   Anthony Napoleon, PhD is a licensed clinical and forensic psychologist practicing in California. He is president of Napoleon Legal Consulting, Inc. To learn more about Dr. Napoleon and his work, you can visit his website at

The Progressive Virus is available in softcover (ISBN 978-1-62137-130-4) hardcover (ISBN 978-1-62137-137-3) and Ebook (ISBN 978-1-62137-138-0) from,, and This book can also be ordered from most bookstores around the United States and United Kingdom. More information can be found at the official website for the book,

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