Layout Templates Print Friendly and PDF

To be honest, we hate templates and never thought we would use them. However, due to popular demand (and so authors can have some idea as to what their book may look like), we have introduced some OPTIONAL templates. If your manuscript is accepted, you will be asked to fill out a publishing kit, which asks for your layout preferences. You can either select your choices individually, or you can simply indicate a template number.

Please click the thumbnail for the pdf file of the template and an explanation of all the settings used in its creation. Please note that these are compressed to save download time, so the actual finished product is of much higher quality.

template 1

Template 1
download .pdf (73kb)

template 2

Template 2
download .pdf (99.7kb)

template 3

Template 3
download .pdf (99.2kb)

template 4

Template 4
download .pdf (65.1kb)


template 5

Template 5
download .pdf (117kb)

template 6

Template 6
download .pdf (105kb)

template 7

Template 7
download .pdf (83.8kb)

template 8

Template 8
download .pdf (53.3kb)