Great article on VAIR Author Stewart Dickson

Posted on February 03, 2015 by Bobby Bernshausen | 0 Comments

Celtic Life International has a great story on the late Scottish journalist and VBW author, Stewart Dickson, and his novel, VAIR. The article can be found here and the book can be located here.


From an Amazon review:

I picked up VAIR and was instantly spellbound. I could not put it down. Dan Brown meets Stieg Larrson!

This twisting and compelling thriller catapults you through the centuries to a timeworn rift of church and state. It draws you along a frightening trail, past the horrifying wreckage wrought by deep-seated fury and medieval weaponry, and further into the deepest recesses of the Vatican's own cache of letters, diaries, and desperately-guarded secrets. It whisks you right to the present where a series of brutal murders baffle and defy bishops, priests, FBI agents and scholars seeking desperately to unravel the mystery.

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