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That’s the goal of every writer as they pour their heart and soul into their novel. And even if you've just written the Great American Novel you know will knock the socks off of everybody, how do you get started?

Of course everyone dreams of getting published by one of the big New York companies, but that can be tough to do. It takes a lot of time and an even greater amount of patience. And if you do strike it lucky and land a contract, you'll probably make between 5-10% of net receipts. Not a great deal of money for all of the time you spent working on your manuscript, is it? Plus, many books are only kept in print for a few short months and, once the season is over, your book may be retired. So "traditional" publishing is no longer the best way to get into print.

Then there are the numerous Print-on-Demand firms that you can find across the Net. Most of them sound great, since you can get much better royalties. But if you look carefully at the contract, you'll see that many of them are asking for a lot of the rights to your book. So now you've just cut in somebody else and you still have to pay them to print the book. That's where Virtualbookworm is different. Please use the menu above to explore our various services and see if they are right for you.

Some things to consider in your search for a POD publisher:

  • Does the publisher screen manuscripts or publish everything with a check attached?
  • Are you required to choose a template for your book and/or cover, or can you opt to do some or most of the work yourself?
  • Does the company have an online bookstore for customers to purchase your book directly (which means higher revenues for you) or do they force you to rely on Amazon and other "middlemen"?
  • Can you use your own imprint and ISBN or do you have to use the ones provided?
  • Are there “outs” in the contract that allow for easy termination if you find a “traditional” publisher?
  • Does the publisher allow you to keep all rights to your book?
  • Does the publisher allow you to design your own book/cover?
  • Do you receive a discount for providing your own cover and/or layout?