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We really hate to toot our own horn, but many prospective authors like to hear about past experiences. So here are a few of the kudos we've received.


"I'm a professional author who uses print-on-demand to produce small editions of quality work. Virtual Bookworm has provided that service through six books so far---quickly, competently, and without bankrupting me. The VBW staff has been unfailingly helpful and a pleasure to work with. I figure that in a hundred years I'll have as many books on library shelves as Tom Clancy---couldn't do it without VBW."

William Bridges

Director (Ret.)
Pulliam School of Journalism
Franklin College
Author of
“A Fine Smirr of Rain”
“Five-Mountain Morning”
“Places & Stories” 
“The Landscape Deeper In”
“Under the Heaven Tree” 
“A Weird Unfathomable Ordinary Everyday Life” (with Dianne Jenkins)



"After researching all of the print-on-demand publishers available to authors I determined Virtualbookworm offered the best product and services at a very reasonable rate. I submitted my manuscript and within two months my book was available for sale at the Virtualbookworm website as well as the major on-line bookstores. When I received my complimentary copy of my book, I was impressed with its professional quality. Since then, I have had two additional books published through Virtualbookworm and I can honestly state that their rates, services and the final product have surpassed my expectations. If you are in search of a print-on-demand publisher for your manuscript, I highly recommend you consider Virtualbookworm as your publisher."

Jeff A. Benner

Author of
“A Mechanical Translation of the Book of Genesis”
“A Mechanical Translation of the Book of Exodus”
“Ancient Hebrew Dictionary”
“Hebrew Text and Lexicon of Genesis” 
“His Name is One”
“Learn Biblical Hebrew”
“The Ancient Hebrew Language and Alphabet”
“The Ancient Hebrew Lexicon of the Bible” 
“The Living Words—Volume 1”



"In the past 4 years I've written, edited, published, and marketed almost a dozen books. While I've tried the traditional agent/publisher route, I found it to be incredibly disappointing. I also found it expensive. For my first book, the cost of printing and mailing the query letters, manuscripts, etc was over $380! In return, I heard back from 3 of 18 agents, plus the spouse of one who had died. The rejections trickled in over a 6-month period, and while two were form letters, one was downright nasty.

So, I turned to a print-on-demand (POD) company just to get my manuscript in print, and to find a sense of closure to my project. The company, FirstPublish, later went under and completely screwed all of its authors—to the tune of thousands of dollars each! I turned to another company, Infinity Publishing. They were very good, but the starting price of $500 was a little steep for me, and they seemed to take forever to publish one of my books. I tried Llumina Publishing and had similar results; satisfactory, but not particularly pleasing (particularly the cover design and less than lucrative author profits). In the meantime, I found Virtualbookworm.com.

Look, writing is both fun and an addiction, and when a book is complete it becomes that author's child. We want it taken care of. But publishing is different than writing. Publishing a book is a business decision, and all business decisions are based on three things: PRICE, QUALITY, and DELIVERY. Virtualbookworm's starter packages were the most economical of any POD—lower by hundreds even thousands of dollars in some cases! Virtualbookworm's quality is as good or better than any of the other PODs that I've used or seen. Virtualbookworm's delivery is as good or better than almost all other PODs (traditional publishers take about 6 months from submission to store. Some PODs take the same. Others range from 3-6 months.). There's another factor though: profit. Let's face it, no one wants to give out their books for free, and Virtualbookworm has the best profit structuring of ANY POD that I've worked with or seen.

I could go on and on about Virtualbookworm, but the simple fact is that if I didn't like them the best, I wouldn't have published so many books with VBW, and I wouldn't suggest that you use them either. But there's a saying at many businesses, 'You can be replaced for less.' You just canNOT replace Virtualbookworm for any less and get any more. They are the best in the business. That's it."

Scott Malensek

Author of
"Sixth Fleet Under"
"The Sugar-Sweet Smell of Fear"
"The X-Mas War"
and others under a pseudonym