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Standard vs. Premium

Children's books, photo books, etc. just don't have the same pizazz in black-and-white as they do in color. But print-on-demand softcover and hardcover color books always carried a high price tag for printing ... until now!!

Our previous offering (now called "premium color") was .10 per printed page (.10 front/.10 back) plus the binding charge of $1.10-$1.50 for softcover (depending on trim size) and $6.50-$7.75 for hardcover (depending on trim size).

Now, that price drops tremendously for the new "standard" color to 0.030 - 0.035 per page plus the binding fee of $1.10-$1.50 for softcover and $6.50-$7.75 for hardcover.

So previously (and with the current “premium color”), a 100 page color softcover at 8.5X8.5” trim would cost about about $11.30 to produce. With the new “standard color” cost, that same book would cost about $4.50 to produce! That means color print-on-demand books are now much more feasible, since the retail price can be much less and the production cost doesn’t break the bank.

Do “standard color” books look as good as “premium color” books?

Premium color print-on-demand utilizes high-speed laser technology, while standard uses high-speed, high- resolution inkjet technology. Premium color books are printed on 70# 378 PPI white paper, whereas standard color books are printed on 50# 512 PPI white paper. So paper weight is noticeable but, as the images below show, the color is very good.

Please note that all books are in portrait (vertical) formats. Landscape formatting is not yet an option for color books.

(Pictures on left are standard. Pictures on right are premium.)

(The top booklet is premium. The bottom booklet is standard.)