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Thanks for your interest in our hardcover publishing packages. Please note that we have a separate pricing schedule for our softcover packages. Or, if you prefer both, we have special rates on our combination packages. And don't forget to look at our full color packages.

If you truly want to have your book available in as many formats as possible, you may want to consider our electronic publishing package as well!

* Black and White refers to the interior only; cover is full-color (unless cloth-bound hardcover is chosen without casebinding or dustjacket).


Level 1: Includes all of the basic/standard services and one free book. The package includes a generic cloth cover with foil imprint on spine.
Level 1 Price: $430

Level 2: Includes the standard services, Library of Congress number, and three free books.
Level 2 Price: $495

Level 3: Includes all of the standard services, Library of Congress number, five free books and custom dustjacket/casebound cover.
Level 3 Price: $650

Level 4: Includes all of Level 3 services, plus professional editing package (for up to 75,000 words).
Level 4 Price: $950

Level 5: Includes all of Level 4 services and the Bronze Marketing Package.
Level 5 Price: $1,300

Level 6: Includes all of Level 4 services and the Silver Marketing Package. 
Level 6 Price: $1,575

Level 7: Includes all of Level 4 services and the Gold Marketing Package. 
Level 7 Price: $2,100

(all Hardcover packages have a $20 annual maintenance fee, with the first 2 years free)

Included in all POD Packages:

  • Cloth cover with foil stamping on spine for hardcover, with optional dustjacket or casebinding available. Click here to see available trim sizes, binding and paper choices.
  • Electronic proof
  • Page counts as low as 18 and as high as 1200 pages
  • ISBN assignment (author can provide own ISBN and imprint at no additional charge)
  • Copyright application instructions
  • Book page in our online store
  • Barcode
  • 15 free internal graphics/images (must be submitted to specs)
  • Data Backup
  • Full Distribution
  • Drop Shipment
  • Book registration through, Barnes & Noble, Books in Print and many others
  • 50% royalties of net receipts
  • Monthly Sales Report
  • Author may purchase first order of his/her hardcover edition for 35% off list price (subsequent orders 30% off list, but discount increases with large orders)

Available Add-ons:

  • Many add-ons are available and can be found on our additional services page.
  • Add an ebook to your package for only $99 for black and white interior or $150 for color interior.

What is in the Marketing Packages?

  • Bronze Marketing Package: $400 (if purchased separately). Includes professional press release, 100 four-color business cards, and a personal storefront for two years.
  • Silver Marketing Package: $700 (if purchased separately). With this package, we will write a press release and send it to over 200 media outlets and send review copies of your book to at least 10 major reviewers. You will also get a Personal Storefront for two years and 100 four-color business cards.
  • Gold Marketing Package: $1,300 (if purchased separately). This package includes a professional press release written and distributed to over 200 media outlets, review copies of your book sent to at least 15 major reviewers, a Personal Storefront for two years, placement in Ingram's Advance Magazine, 500 four-color post cards, 500 business cards and 500 2X6" book markers. 

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