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The Ancient Hebrew Lexicon of the Bible

Author: Jeff A. Benner

ISBN 1-58939-776-2 (hardcover)

A pdf eBook is also available

616 Pages

All previous Biblical Hebrew lexicons have provided a modern western definition and perspective to Hebrew roots and words. This prevents the reader of the Bible from seeing the ancient authors original intent of the passages. This is the first Biblical Hebrew lexicon that defines each Hebrew word within its original Ancient Hebrew cultural meaning. One of the major differences between the Modern Western mind and the Ancient Hebrew's is that their mind related all words and their meanings to a concrete concept. For instance, the Hebrew word "chai" is normally translated as "life", a western abstract meaning, but the original Hebrew concrete meaning of this word is the "stomach". In the Ancient Hebrew mind, a full stomach is a sign of a full "life". The Hebrew language is a root system oriented language and the lexicon is divided into sections reflecting this root system. Each word of the Hebrew Bible is grouped within its roots and is defined according to its original ancient cultural meaning. Also included in each word entry are its alternative spellings, King James translations of the word and Strong's number. Indexes are included to assist with finding a word within the lexicon according to its spelling, definition, King James translation or Strong's number.

Lexicon Features:

  • An introduction to the Ancient Hebrew alphabet, language and thought.
  • The history of the Hebrew script from ancient to modern times.
  • Reconstruction of the original Hebrew alphabet and root system of roots and words.
  • Alphabetical ordering of Parent, Child and Adopted Roots with each root listing the Hebrew nouns and verbs derived from the root.
  • Ancient Hebrew, Modern Hebrew and English transliteration of roots and words.
  • The action, concrete and abstract meaning of each Hebrew root.
  • Ancient Hebrew Cultural definition of Hebrew roots and words.
  • Root origins of Hebrew words and their relationship to other roots and words.
  • Frequency each word is used in the Hebrew Bible.
  • Listing of foreign words found in the Hebrew Bible.
  • Index to English translations of Hebrew words, King James Translations of Hebrew words, Strong's numbers and alternate Hebrew spellings of Hebrew words.

When Mr. Benner first began reading the Hebrew text of the Bible he quickly discovered that the Ancient Hebrews did not think in the same manner we do and realized that we should not be reading the Biblical text as if we were reading a modern Novel. Mr. Benner founded the "Ancient Hebrew Research Center" in 1999 in order to promote and teach the Ancient Hebrew language, culture and thought to those interested in learning how to read the Bible from an Ancient Hebrew perspective. Mr. Benner is also the author of several books related to the study of the Ancient Hebrew language and thought including Learn to Read Biblical Hebrew, The Ancient Hebrew Language and Alphabet and His Name is One.

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Vendor: Jeff Benner

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