A Fine Smirr of Rain

Author: William Bridges

ISBN: 1-58939-941-2 (softcover)

160 pages 

In "A Fine Smirr of Rain," poet and essayist William Bridges explores life and the natural world through the lens of rain. Starting from the question "How long has it been raining?" he describes the world's oldest rock and its evidence of water 4.4 billion years ago. From the sound, shape, and smell of rain, he moves on to "Death by Umbrella" -the rain-related assassinations of a Napoleonic finance minister and (possibly) JFK. Before the book ends, Bridges has touched on rain in literature, Earth's wettest and driest spots, the destruction of rain forests, global warming, and ice-coring in Antarctica. The book concludes with a meditation on the beauty and transience of the world. Bridges is a storyteller, whose work has been called "beautifully crafted" and "never far removed from the daily course of things." Susanna Rich, author of writing textbooks, calls him "by far the most versatile writer I know."


William Bridges has had a career divided among active journalism, teaching, and writing/editing. He has been a foreign correspondent in Germany and a newspaper editor in the U.S. and Taiwan. He is also a poet, whose 30-year collection, The Landscape Deeper In, was published by Virtual Bookworm. He has written two memoirs, Under the Heaven Tree and Five-Mountain Morning. Bridges taught journalism and English for many years at Franklin College in Indiana. He now does freelance editing and fact-checking, including work on an international education journal, a book on corporate blogging, and books on technical computing subjects. He and his wife, Karen Petersen Bridges, live in Franklin, Indiana.

Category: Non-Fiction, Other

Type: books

Vendor: William Bridges

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