Chase: A Special Person & The Discovery of Teddy Downing

Author: Matt Shea

ISBN 978-1-62137-428-2 (softcover)
ISBN 978-1-62137-429-9 (eBook)

188 pages

Chase Mansfield and Teddy Downing personify a diamond in the rough in today's society. Chase represents those who are naturally deficient in some areas, but graced with compassion. Teddy, on the other hand knows the pain of rejection. He is one of many being raised by a lone grandparent. There is a common thread that the two share. Each juvenile is fully aware that their mere appearance can taunt a social injustice. From there, a stigma will be placed on them; but only from the weak. They do however, possess a strength that dissolves this cruelty. Their first-hand experience of being misunderstood allows them to easily identify the pain in others. Courage, love and understanding are the tools that they incorporate. Chase and Teddy nurture the very insecurities that their critics secretively battle and bring down the wall. What happens next is a beautiful unification. These seemingly insignificant beings touched those who once outcast them. A warm community spawns as a result from this. In the end, everyone is grateful that a 'Chase Mansfield'; or a 'Teddy Downing' entered their life.

Category: Fiction, Juvenile

Type: books

Vendor: Matt Shea

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