The Casino Down the Street

Author: Matt Shea

ISBN 978-1-63868-140-3 (softcover); 
978-1-63868-141-0 (eBook)
58 pages

The Casino Down the Street distills a three-year study on casinos and the overall dangers of gambling addiction. Just as all of my books are based on true stories, this one is also. I decided to "get in the saddle" and gamble (despite being warned against it by my father) and soon fell into the hole (literally) of addiction. With spiritual intervention, I was able to "get on the wagon" and use all of my experiences to write this book. I hope that it will help you or someone close to you.

In addition to my personal experience, we will also examine the following:

* How a casino ticks

* The types of gamblers

* Are you addicted

* Do casinos intentionally get patrons hooked

* Why the "golden years" are a golden goose for casinos

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