Author: Matt Shea

ISBN 978-1-63868-105-2 (softcover);
978-1-63868-106-9 (eBook)

114 pages

“I will accept anything that showers me with gifts.”

When Sadie Collins stretched out her arms and yelled this “oath” to the universe, something was listening. Soon the materialistic girl “finds” a stunning yet spooky slot machine that starts fulfilling her wishes – and turning her life upside down. Known as “Pavlov,” the machine demands allegiance for its magic … or there will be Hell to pay!

Once Sadie realizes something otherworldly is at play, she seeks the help of a pastor, and a parishioner who had fallen under a similar spell. Will God-given talent and wisdom prevail against demonic trickery? Well, what does The Book say?

Matt Shea is greatly inspired by the writings of Andy Griffith and focuses on the common folk that small towns are made of. He credits the success of his first book, "The Groundskeeper And Other Short Stories" to his family. The values that were instilled throughout his childhood gave him the strong sense of justice that is conveyed throughout his writings. The Shea family is only an average American family from an average neighborhood. Their secret is that they are close-knit and accept others. Matt's mother, Vyerl set an example of being self-sacrificing; having never placed herself first. She always cared about the feelings of others, no matter who they were. She even sponsored many foster children despite having a family of eight. During the holidays, the Roman Catholic mom had been known to have a Hanukkah bush for their Jewish friends. There were even years when the family would make Christmas gifts and personally deliver them to seniors in rest homes.Many of Matt's friends are senior citizens or foreign born. He has the common practice of brewing a pot of tea and inviting them over to watch Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Together they will watch Alfred, share a cup of tea, and after listen to his manuscripts. Sometimes these social gatherings last well beyond midnight."This is where I get most of my ideas," says Matt. "I learned this from my mom."Matt Shea appreciates all who take the time to read his stories. He even has a site with a free 'family friendly' audiobook along with some stories in their entirety thrown in! This author also extends his website and email address for those who have any comments or ideas. Matt knows that through other people, he can expand as a writer and a person.

Type: books

Vendor: Matt Shea

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