“de Générès and Allied Families” Traces Bloodlines of Seventeen Louisiana Families

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Follow the trials and tribulations of the de Générès and Allied families on a path that led them to settle in Louisiana during the 18th and 19th centuries in the new book “de Générès and Allied Families,” by Roland Anthony Gravois. The allied families are Abat, Antonini, Claiborne, Daboval, Damare, de Lesseps, Derbes, Druilhet, Gravois, LaCour, Malacher, Mayre, Morrison, Petit, Story and Theriot.

A genealogy of these seventeen connected families, this new book provides an example of the “melting pot” of many cultures in Louisiana, and the events that led them to their future homeland. Many of these families faced tragedy on their respective journeys such as Slave Insurrection in Saint Domingue, the English Deportation of the Acadians from Nova Scotia, the French Revolution, and the Natchez Indian Massacre. Nevertheless, they overcame these complications to gain statehood in Louisiana, and are still there today.

Gravois states, “The hardest thing to do with a genealogy book is to make it interesting as well as factual.” The author has attained this goal by adding notes that describe the various hiccups in history the early members of the families had to overcome.

Gravois was born alongside the Mississippi River in Vacherie, Louisiana in 1927. He enrolled in Louisiana State University, where his education was interrupted by service in the Navy during World War II. He and his wife, Carmen, were college sweethearts and married after graduation. The name, Carmen, has been carried down for generations from ancestor Maria Del Carmen Ribas, Maria’s father, Mariano Ribas, was a Spanish soldier who chose to remain and settle in Louisiana.

“de Générès and Allied Families” is available in hardcover (ISBN 978-1-62137-090-1) from,, and This book can also be ordered from most bookstores around the United States and United Kingdom. More information can be found at the author’s website,

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“Spare Time:” New Book Suggest Solutions to Important World Crises

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Fictional events and characters create possible solutions to the problems the real world and the United States face today in the novel Spare Time, by Michael Murphy.

Turmoil in the Middle East. Economic crisis in Europe. Violations to the Constitution in the United States. Division, fear, entitlements and class envy are tearing the nation apart. Starting to sound familiar? In this novel, efforts are finally made to change the direction of the nation, but to what lengths will people go to stop these new ideas, what might others do to save them...and how could it all end?

Murphy strives to bring to light the potential resolutions to the troubles placed upon the world governments and their citizens, foremost the United States, all while creating an enjoyable and fictitious read for his audience rich with perceptive characters and a clutching plot.

Michael Murphy lives on the plains in a log house built with his bare hands, bustling with tradition. He is a retired airline pilot, is active in the alpaca industry, and operates a Bed & Breakfast right out of his rustic home.

Spare Time is available in softcover (ISBN 978-0-9856747-1-7) hardcover (ISBN 978-0-9856747-2-4) and eBook (ISBN 978-0-9856747-0-0) from,, and This book can also be ordered from most bookstores around the United States and United Kingdom. More information can be found at the author’s website,

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New Book, “Fons of War and Death,” Breaks Through Societal Boundaries

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In Ben Kuah’s new novel, Fons of War and Death, three unlikely heroes set out on a journey that will put their lives in balance.

Kintari was summoned to death by his parents due to a congenital defect, believed by the town to be a “ghost.” However, due to a sympathetic childless midwife, his life was spared. Raising him up closer to lions than humans, the midwife planned for the day Kintari would be discovered.

Melalia and Sahinda were two girls from diverse backgrounds. One is a princess with a deathly curse, the other Kintari’s twin sister uninformed of her other half. After the discovery and return of Kintari, events will unfold that bring the three characters together.

Ben Kuah lived a fun childhood, but struggled with the limitations of his homeland as an adult. Because of his experiences, Kuah speaks out against people who threaten the freedom of others. He is the host of a weekly program called “The Ben Kuah Show,” focusing on the stealth maintenance of the French Colonial Empire in Africa. He is also the Editor of

Fons of War and Death is available in softcover (ISBN 978-1-62137-064-2) and eBook (ISBN 978-1-62137-065-9) from,, and This book can also be ordered from most bookstores around the United States and United Kingdom.  More information can be found at the author’s website,

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Karma Kitaj Interviews Samantha White

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See Nautilus Book Award-Winning Author Samantha White interviewed about her book, "Someone to Talk To."

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New Book Brings Shakespeare Alive

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The Shakespeare Guru’s Guide to Getting Shakespeare Alive! is a great tool for teachers, students and actors working with Shakespeare’s plays. The guide blows the dust off the 16th century language, providing useful tips, strategies and on-your-feet exercises for breaking past any “ShakesFEAR.” The manual also comes with a 60-minutes script of “Romeo and Juliet,” which provides a shortened, 100% Shakespeare text and offers additional staging annotations —suggestions meant to spark the reader’s vision of staging the play’s action. Martha Mendenhall has spent over 20 years working with Shakespeare plays as an actor, director, writer and teaching artist, most notably with The American Shakespeare Center in Staunton, Virginia, and The North Carolina Shakespeare Festival (NCSF).  For the NSCF she created and directed  a touring company of six actors that tours North Carolina schools and offers 60-minute versions of Shakespeare’s most popular plays. Mendenhall has also created and led workshops on Shakespeare for teachers and students of all ages. She spent 10 years as a high school English teacher and currently lives in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, where she offers workshops on Shakespeare for teachers and students throughout the state.

“The Shakespeare Guru’s Guide to Getting Shakespeare Alive!” (ISBN: 978-1-62137-035-2) is available in softcover from,, and numerous other online sites. More information can be found at the books official website, She can be emailed at


This project was made possible by the N.C. Arts Council, a division of the Department of Cultural Resources, and The Arts Council of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County in our City of Arts and Innovation.

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"Bringing Avalon Back" Reveals Ancient Worlds of Goddesses, Wizards and Magic

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In Lisa Lödy’s new fantasy novel Bringing Avalon Back (set in 1000AD Britain), Sage Uberchat realizes she is a magician when she swears to Morgan of the Faeries that she will bring Avalon back. With the help of a magic deck of cards, which can be entered by uttering the sacred word, Sage is driven by forces from the future and past to bring Avalon back.   From the Scottish Highlands to the center of Stonehenge; from castle towers to the inner realm of trees, Sage travels in and out of time and space, guided by goddesses and wizards, drawing cards within which even the air molecules are made of magic. Prepare to burst beyond the glaze of what we thought was real. This is a spell far more than a novel and anyone who reads it becomes part of the unprecedented task of bringing a lost world back into reality.

Lisa Lödy was born in upstate New York where as a child she enjoyed nature and spending time in the woods. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology with a minor in English from Syracuse University. There she learned to hone her craft through writing poetry. This book took her over twenty years to prepare, studying Native American and Druid shamanism and traveling through the United Kingdom. Sage’s magic cards were designed and made by Lödy herself. They helped her write this book, and still exist today.

Bringing Avalon Back is available in softcover (ISBN: 978-1-62137-036-9) and hardcover (ISBN: 978-1- 62137-037-6) from,, and numerous other online sites. It is also available in ebook format (ISBN: 978-1-62137-038-3).

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"Someone to Talk To"-Inspiring Book About Healing Recognized by the 2012 Nautilus Book Awards

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Samantha M. White, author of “Someone to Talk To — Finding Peace, Purpose, and Joy after Tragedy and Loss; a Recipe for Healing from Trauma and Grief,” has been awarded a 2012 Nautilus Silver Book Award in the category of Grieving/Death & Dying. For many years, the Nautilus Book Awards have recognized works that promote spiritual growth, conscious living and positive social change. The chosen books must stimulate the imagination and inspire the reader to new possibilities for a better world. Judges are noteworthy, professional individuals, admired in their respective fields of editing, teaching, writing, or publishing. White’s book was chosen to be awarded out of hundreds of entries due to its inspiring, optimistic message of healing. The highly-esteemed, memoir is the true story of a woman crushed by the tragedy of her ending marriage, and sudden, violent death of her daughter. Plagued with trauma-related illness, White pieced her life back together using a “recipe” for transforming pain and tragedy into growth and spiritual deepening. This unforgettable novel has been a source of healing for countless individuals yearning for an end to their emotional suffering. The recipe of transformation is included in the last pages of the book as a guide for readers with similar experiences.

“Someone to Talk To —  Finding Peace, Purpose, and Joy after Tragedy and Loss” is available in softcover (ISBN 978-0-9832142-0-5) and EBook (ISBN 978-0-98321-421-2) from,, and

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