Family Values Tested With Trials in Business, Health, Life

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Author P.D. St. Claire returns with his third book focusing on the Irish in Washington DC with Mount Olivet— The Rising.  

The year is 1993, and the Rileys of Chevy Chase MD have prospered in construction, advertising, real estate and the law. John Riley is a third generation CEO of Hennessey Construction Company, making it a regional force since taking it over from his mother, Mary, in 1968. His younger sister, Mary Kate, is heading her own advertising agency in New York City and their brother, Michael, has risen in law to tier-one status in the power canyons of politics and commerce in Washington DC.  

As the story opens, John struggles to balance work and family, dividing his time at Hennessey Construction and assisting his daughter, Bright, in restructuring Hennessey Land Company whose $900 million in valuation may soon be at risk with the IRS. The burden worsens as Michael is rushed to emergency by?pass surgery, all the while Mary Kate struggles with the imminent departure of her only son and child for military service in Israel.  

As each of the Rileys push forward in the narrative, they find themselves challenged beyond what their career successes may bear, increasingly turning to their heritage for support; most especially their mother, Mary, whose counsel draws on her own appreciation of love as a life force and the faith that has sustained her over 91 years.

P.D. St. Claire is the pen name of Paul Belford of Kensington, MD. In addition to the first two books of the trilogy — Swampoodle and St. Patricks's Day, both published by VBW— Mr. Belford has authored Notes from a Passage (VBW), fiction and non?fiction works on Vietnam as well as two books on professional development for association executives. Following eleven years with the federal government as an international economist, he currently works as an executive recruiter serving the non? profit and association communities. A graduate of Boston College, he earned his MA in Economics at Fordham University. 

Mount Olivet is available in softcover (ISBN 978?1?62137?568?5) and eBook (ISBN 978?1?62137?569?2) from,, and This book can also be ordered from most bookstores around the United States, Australia and United Kingdom. For more information, please go to the author’s official website,

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