"Lucid" - Book of the Week for Feb. 16

Posted on February 17, 2015 by Bobby Bernshausen | 0 Comments

Today's featured title is "Lucid," by P.R. Edwards:

Most people think of it as an amusing oddity, something that happens occasionally in your sleep. Waking up, while still sleeping. Becoming aware you are in a dream. This is a story about lucid dreaming. For one man, the journey into the night-time world of dreaming began to have terrifying consequences in the real world. Alex knew he could bring his daytime personality into a dream. But was it possible things from inside a dream could intrude into everyday reality? Then he was recruited by a secretive organization, which had gone underground after the death of their leader, a prominent professor who investigated dreams. The problem was, another wing of the same organization had acquired government funding and was taking the science of dreaming in a different direction. They wanted to weaponize it. Both groups has contacted Alex, but he was suddenly obliged to visit his dying mother in England. She confided old family secrets to him and he realized his ability to dream may well be a family trait, and not the result of a previous head injury he had sustained in a riot many years earlier. And slowly, it became clear that non-human elements had entered the game.

Lucid is available in paperback and eBook and can be purchased here.



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