“It’s All Right, I’m Only Crying” Illustrates there is No End to a Great Love Story

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An elegantly written memoir recounting the loss of a spouse, It’s All Right, I’m Only Crying by Kathleen Christison describes the author’s process of dealing with grief.

Kathleen and her late husband, Bill, exemplified the institution of marriage, living happily together for over thirty years. After a series of falls and sudden illness, Kathleen became a widow. Christison describes the changes in her life through the years in terms of the immediate loss of her husband, the following depression, and the realization grief will always be a part of her.

At what point do love stories begin and end? Christison shows through her writing that being in love with someone doesn’t end with death, as they are still a part of you. With her pen and her memories, Kathleen Christison wrote this cathartic memoir honoring the lasting love between a husband and wife.

Kathleen Christison was a CIA political analyst for 15 years, serving in Vietnam and working on the Arab-Israeli issue. She has written numerous articles for Middle Eastern scholarly journals and frequently writes for the online newsletter Counterpunch. In addition to this memoir, she has previously published three books centered on Palestine and the Middle East: Perceptions of Palestine: Their Influence on U.S. Middle East Policy, The Wound of Dispossession: Telling the Palestinian Story, and, co-authored with her late husband, Palestine in Pieces: Graphic Perspectives on the Israeli Occupation.

It’s All Right, I’m Only Crying is available in softcover (ISBN 978-1-62137-091-8) and eBook (ISBN 978-1-62137-096-3) from Virtualbookworm.com, Amazon.com, and Barnesandnoble.com. This book can also be ordered from most bookstores around the United States and United Kingdom. More information can be found at the author’s website, www.christisonbooks.com.

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