Appreciation of Diversity is the Message in New Children's Book, "Friends It Is!"

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Barn yard animals demonstrate they have much to teach us about friendship in the innovative children’s book “Friends It Is!” by K.B. Bateman.   There are many diverse farm animals living at Skylark Farm, however they live in harmony treating one another with respect and kindness. When a new animal is brought into their lives, they are initially surprised by his unique appearance. Despite their differences, the animals are kind and accepting of him, quickly forming new friendships.   K.B. Bateman’s mission is to promote peace in the world. She believes diversity is not something to fear, but rather something to value. In order to depict this viewpoint, Bateman created a story where the characters teach by example by showing respect to those in their world who are different. When Bateman lived at her much loved Skylark Farm, she witnessed this in practice every day between her animals, creating the inspiration for her ground-breaking work. Bateman states, “If only we were all fortunate enough to live in a place like Skylark, where everyone is kind and gets along nicely regardless of their differences. What a marvelous world that would be!”

“Friends It Is!” is available in softcover (ISBN 978-1-62137-013-0) from,, and

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