Walking in the Clouds- Colombia through the eyes of a gringo by Michael F. Kastre

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“Walking in the Clouds - Colombia through the Eyes of a Gringo” is a series of true events and corresponding stories as experienced and chronicled by an American writer who lived and worked in the country during the violent cocaine wars and leftist guerrilla uprisings in the 1980s. From the Torching of the Judicial Palace, 23,000 Souls Vanish, and Conversations with a Guerrilla to Carnival, A Shot in the Dark, and A Water Tower View of the Pope, this series of stories provide a timeless lens through which to view Latin America, They also provide a mirror that reflects back a realistic perspective of how others view us. Colombia represents not only the promise, but the problems that haunt an entire continent. Unlike those to the north, the seeds for the idea of hereditary power and landed gentry were sown from the beginning. The continent’s oldest surviving democracy, Colombia combines the splendor of colonial Spain with the energy of Latin America. Yet, despite the fame of Colombian coffee and its notoriety for drugs, most people know little about the country. As colored through its stories, Walking in the Clouds provides a glimpse into Colombian history, economics, politics, psyche, culture, and contradictions.

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Cinda C MacKinnon
Cinda C MacKinnon

October 09, 2014

Hi Michael -
I wish I had your book top read before I wrote my novel A Place in the World set in Colombia. It takes place during the 70’s and 80’s and I had a lot of research to do.
Good luck to you!
Cinda MacKinnon

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