Watching for Rain by Sheeba Santhosh

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Few stand by Victoria (Viji) Rangan as she is dubbed a terrorist and shunned by her community. Among the few is her aged pastor, torn between duty and affection. The poor man's cup soon overflows when his young assistant Brother John's fondness for the little "Tiger-kid" sweeps in further disaster. Brutal bloodshed, eerie apparitions and midnight marauders—the peaceful South Indian village of Salempur turns into an abode of fear and insecurity. But in her struggle for survival, Viji rediscovers the sure mercies of God—and a sure friend in Officer Raj.
Dan escapes, treats a minor wound, and returns to the property several hours later. He finds the house and garage empty. With the help of super-hacker Pearl the Girl, Dan gets a description of Weaver's vehicle and learns it left Oklahoma headed toward St. Louis. Dan tracks the van with the idea he will look for Brad and ask why Weaver tried to kill him.

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