Time and Motion

Author: Matt Hayes

ISBN 978-1-60264-550-9 (softcover)

428 pages

Who knows where the time goes?

Those precious moments slipping through our fingers. The only true currency: priceless, and, once gone, lost forever. What if they did not go of their own accord? What if there was someone who was able to steal that time from you? What if they are closer than you think?

An unexplained suicide, a freak boxing accident, a motiveless underworld murder: something is changing in the world, and Detective Inspector Manee finds himself at the centre of it. Tempus fugit, but where does it fly to? The clock is ticking, but does it tick at the same pace for us all?


Matt Hayes is a fellow at University College London. His research interests include immunology, genetics and biochemistry. His previous novel, "The Good and Evil Angels," explored the nature of the soul. In this book, he continues his speculations on the impossible.

Category: Fantasy, Fiction, Science Fiction

Type: books

Vendor: Matt Shea

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