A Tale of Four Planets Book Three: Centers of the Universe

Author: David Taylor

ISBN: 978-1-949756-53-1 (softcover)

ISBN: 978-1-949756-72-2 (hardcover)

ISBN 978-1-949756-54-8 (eBook)

902 pages

Earthlings prepare for interplanetary war against hunger-crazed deerlike creatures from the planet Tictoctic.  However, mobile telepathic trees from the planet Oomb have persuaded the captain of starship Smoke and Mirrors to give peace a chance, flying into the heart of the Tictoctic Empire totally defenseless.  Are they too naïve for their own good?  Will faithless scheming sabotage their plans?  Will the Watchers intervene?

One civilization has already been destroyed.  The fate of three others hangs in the balance.


Family and friends continue to insist the author's real towering achievement is a homemade chocolate chip cookie.

But here are some kind words for Book Two of A Tale of Four Planets:

"...I have said this before in my first review... David Taylor has created something really unlike anything I've read in the genre, but I can't stress enough. The characters and the world are very immersive, and his books are becoming my new favorites..." 

- Sherrie Warner, Indie Book Reviewers

"Few authors in the Sci-Fi genre today have such solid characters and a solid plot interwoven. Usually it is either really good characters or a really good plot. Mr. Taylor has the ability to weave the two together seamlessly and even manages to come up with some cool new twists...Can't wait to read the next one. Wish I had it already." 

- Cody Brighton, Indie Book Reviewers  


Type: books

Vendor: David Taylor

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