Sekhmet's Son

Author: R.L. Hurst

ISBN 978-1-63868-084-0 (softcover);
978-1-63868-085-7 (eBook)

332 pages

The people of Earth have spent these past seventy years learning catastrophic truths. Earth is linked to the other-dimensional planet Lyrodrylle, through a Metaphysical conduit named The Veil. Inhabitants of Lyrodrylle are the source of the fantastic, horrific Myths and Legends shared throughout all human existence. When The Veil collapsed, in the nearly apocalyptic event known as The Sundering, both planets were forced to occupy the same space, at the same time!

The Veil was restored, but only after the devastation of nations, and the loss of billions of lives. The linked worlds recovered, slowly, but there was still a desperate need for heroes to rebuild communities, restore Hope, and protect, defend, or avenge the innocents.

Enter Maahes Seckett, descendant of Sekhmet's Pride, a race bioengineered through ancient Atlantean Science and Magic to be ultimate warriors. His very existence raises disturbing questions. The Lionesses of Sekhmet's Pride, feared on both sides of The Veil, were all female, while Maahes was, decidedly, male. And the Atlanteans created the race to be genetically immune to all Magic, so how to explain Maahes' Mystical Talent? Is he a true Son of Sekhmet, or is he an impossible hero, for an impossible time?

R.L. Hurst is a retired educator, husband and father of two. He enjoys reading, listening to jazz, and offering points of view that are often ignored or shortly forgotten.

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Vendor: R.L. Hurst

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