Producer's Action Plan - Book to Screen

Here's what you get when you order the "Producer's Action Plan":


A "logline": Short, catchy sentence that describes your story and quickly capture the attention of potential buyers

3-5 pages of in-depth, studio-quality analysis that accurately describes your project so that buyers can see its strengths

Suggested adaptation format (Movie, TV, Web)

Creative adaption recommendations based on actual industry wants and needs

Market analysis of sales potential and audience appeal

Recommendations for what you can do now to make your novel more attractive to buyers

Voyage's gold-standard industry reputation

...and last but not least, the real possibility of a very big break:

Your Book Will Be Reviewed & Considered by Active Producers Looking for Content Like Yours!

PLUS the free video training series, a free one-on-one session with Nat Mundel, and a free copy of the new book, "The Secret Handshake."


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