Additional Publishing Services

These are services in addition to the publishing packages we offer. The following "extras" are available: 

Professional cover: $95 for softcover, $120 hardcover. This includes a fully-designed photo or illustration, synopsis, author bio, etc. 

Extra Warehousing: $100. Since we are a Print-on-Demand publisher, we keep only a limited supply of books on hand to reduce inventory costs and keep your prices low. This sometimes causes delays if a book sells a number of copies at once. This package will cover our warehousing costs and keep a minimum of 7-10 copies of your book in stock at all times. 

Amazon Marketplace Backups: $75. If (when) your book starts selling well on Amazon, the book at times will appear as out of stock while they are waiting for more copies from Ingram. Using this new program, we will make sure a copy is available, even while Amazon is waiting for a shipment.

Copyediting/Proofing: Starting at $1.50 per 250-word page. Again, we will provide you with a firm quote before work begins. 

Press Release Only: $100. This will be professionally written by This is half of their normal price! 

Press Release Writing and Distribution: $250. The press release will be professionally written and distributed by 

Place in Ingram's Advance Magazine: $75. 

Bronze Marketing Package: $400. Includes professional press release, 100 four-color business cards, and a personal storefront for two years! 

Silver Marketing Package: $600. With this package, we will write a press release and send it to over 200 media outlets and send review copies of your book to at least 10 major reviewers. You will also get a Personal Storefront for two years and 100 four-color business cards. 

Gold Marketing Package: $1,000 This package includes a professional press release written and distributed to over 200 media outlets, review copies of your book sent to at least 15 major reviewers, a Personal Storefront for two years, placement in Ingram's Advance Magazine, 500 four-color post cards, 1,000 business cards and 1,000 2X6" book markers. 

Custom Marketing Packages: Call for quote. In addition to the packages listed above, we can send your book and press release to the producers of major shows, including Oprah, 20/20, Larry King Live and many, many more. We can also design an ad for you in the Radio Television Interview Report Magazine, which goes to major radio and television producers across the U.S. and Canada. 

Personal Storefront: In addition to the feature page you receive with most publishing packages, we will design and set up a personal website for you to promote your book (including a Flash intro). This includes registration of your domain name and web hosting. You will be given a link to our secure site so visitors won't have to leave your site to order. We will take, process and distribute all orders for you. You will also have 20 Megs of webspace, so you are always free to add material. Package includes your own domain ( and initial setup. We will also provide you links to samples of your work, etc. 
$240 for one year 
$340 for two years (just a little over $8 a month)
$440 for three years 
Please note: Once the site is setup, it will be up to you to maintain. After your subscription expires, you will have the option to renew yearly. 

Table of Contents Creation: If you are not supplying a Table of Contents, we will create one for you. $30 

Create Index Creation: We index your book based on tagged text in your file. The text must be tagged in Microsoft Word: $75 

Table Package: Up to 5 tables. $25 

Printed Galley: You will be able to proof all of our services electronically for free (via .pdf files). If you would prefer to have hard copies of your work, we will send you a printed, unbound galley and a laser proof of the cover. $50. 

Library of Congress Number: We can obtain a Library of Congress card number in your behalf and send the required copies to the Library of Congress. $75 

High Resolution Image Scanning and Placement: If you don't have high-quality, electronic versions of your graphics, we can scan and place them into the layout for you. $5 per image 

Graphics Touchup: If your graphics are not at least 300dpi or of poor quality, our artists will correct them for you. $5 per image. 

Manuscript Conversion: We can convert printed copies of your manuscript into electronic format. $2 per page 

CD-ROM Backup: We will place your files on a CD-ROM in print-quality .pdf format. $75 

Data Entry and Layout: We will convert handwritten or typed manuscripts to electronic files. $4 per page. 

Copy Editing: If your manuscript has grammatical and/or spelling errors, it will definitely hurt the sales potential of your book. We will have a professional brush up your manuscript and you will see the final version for approval. Starting at $1.50 per 250-word page. 

Custom Illustration: Have an idea in your head you just can't reproduce. Our artists will create the custom graphics you desire. $75 per hour. 

Text Changes: If you catch errors after the book has been designed, we will correct up to 15 errors for free. For changes over 15, you will need to purchase this package, which entitles you up to 30 additional changes. $50. 

Changes after Printing: Obviously you should send your manuscript as you would like it to appear. Once you approve the proof, we will send your title to the printer. If, after you receive your book, you need to make changes, you will be charged $120 for changes to a softcover and $150 for changes to a hardcover.

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