Increase your Amazon reviews and get the word out about your title by giving away your eBook free (or at a greatly reduced price) for a two-day span.

Here's the way it works. We give Amazon.com an exclusive to the eBook for 90 days, meaning the eBook (not the print version) will have to be removed from B&N, Apple, and all other sites offering the eBook. In return, Amazon gives you five days during which you can offer the book at no cost or at a discount. Once we set the promotion days, we then get the book listed on numerous email lists (here's one sent to our newsletter list), Facebook sites, Twitter feeds, etc. In each of the promotions we have "tested" using various lists and feeds, the worst we saw was 15 free downloads (although that was when we first started testing over a year ago). Now we are seeing between 300 downloads and (in our best run) 2,500 downloads!

Above are some examples of the Facebook and Twitter posts Virtualbookworm makes to followers; there are many more Facebook and Twitter groups that we post to with this package.

Please note that we do not use Bookbub in our promotion, since listing with them is more than the $350 we charge (and they require a large number of five-star reviews for acceptance, etc.) This package has been formulated to get the biggest bang for the buck and reach the largest number of readers.

Keep in mind that to run this promotion, we have to make sure the eBook has been pulled from all other sites (except Amazon and Virtualbookworm). So, it can take up to two weeks to get everything in place.

Since we do want to get all of the promotions listed on as many sites/lists as possible, we try to limit the promotion to two different titles per week. Once you sign up, we will contact you with some possible dates.

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