Down is Out

Author: Mark W. Burris

ISBN 978-1-62137-084-0 Softcover
ISBN 978-1-62137-085-7 Hardcover

ISBN 978-1-62137-086-4 eBook

234 pages

Investigator Jon Prospero's job is catching data thieves - and he's very good at his job. But lately, he's noticed that the suspects he's captured have all been terrified of something, something they couldn't name. Then Jon's partner Syd Shining goes missing, and Jon asks the wrong questions about the wrong people - and uncovers a terrible secret that reaches to the highest levels of his government. He wakes up in a nightmarish prison, built by the very people who are plotting to overthrow the government. He has to get out; he has to let someone know... But escape is impossible; no one has ever escaped to the surface, and no one ever returns from the vast, dark Labyrinth beneath the prison. What secrets does the Labyrinth hold, and can Jon and his friends find a way out before it's too late?

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