Color Combination Packages

Included in all POD Packages:
  • Electronic proof
  • ISBN assignment(for the printed version)
  • Copyright application kit 
  • Book page on our website
  • Barcode
  • 15 free internal graphics/images (must be submitted to specs) 
  • Data Backup
  • Full Distribution
  • Drop Shipment
  • Book registration through, Books in Print, Borders
  • 50% royalties of net receipts (Approximately 30-35% of cover price on books sold through us!)
  • Monthly Sales Report 
  • Author may purchase first order of his/her book for 50% off list price (subsequent orders 30% off list, but discount increases with larger orders)

    Due to the nature of these books, author must provide illustrations at 300-600dpi in TIFF or PICT format. We will do text layout, but illustration is not included. All covers will include a graphic you provide or one of the illustrations from the book.


    Level 1: Includes all of the above services and one free book. This is the perfect package for the author who just wants to give POD a try.

    Level 2: Includes the basic services, Library of Congress number and three free books.

    Level 3: Includes all of the basic services, Library of Congress number, five free books and a personal storefront for two years.

    Level 4: Includes all of Level 3 services, plus professional text editing package.

    Level 5: Includes all of Level 4 services and the Bronze Marketing Package.

    Level 6: Includes all of Level 4 services and the Silver Marketing Package. 

    Level 7: Includes all of Level 4 services and the Gold Marketing Package. 

    (all Color Combination packages have a $40 annual maintenance fee, with the first 2 years free)

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