Book to Screen Screenplay

The screenplay is the ultimate creative blueprint for a film, TV show or digital adaptation. It’s what producers use to attach top actors & directors, raise money for production, and obtain distribution. 

Your Book-to-Screen Screenplay Includes: 

Full-length, professionally-written & market-ready screenplay that translates your story for the screen (Length depends on medium of production (film, TV, digital, stage) & genre (comedy, drama, horror, etc.) – up to 120 pages or more) 

Two rounds of rewrites to maintain a high standard of excellence 

Final draft incorporates your own detailed punch-list of notes to ensure that your original vision is intact 

Evaluation & consideration by a credited producer looking for projects in your genre or style 

Prerequisite: In order to qualify for one of Voyage Media’s Screenplays, you must first order either the Producer’s Action Plan OR the Treatment.


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