Black and White Softcover Packages

Included in all Softcover POD Packages:
  • Choose from 5x8," 5.5x8.5," 6x9" or 8.25X11" trim size with full-color cover
  • Electronic proof
  • ISBN assignment(for the printed version)
  • Copyright application kit 
  • Book page on our website
  • Barcode
  • 15 free internal graphics/images (must be submitted to specs) 
  • Data Backup
  • Full Distribution
  • Drop Shipment
  • Book registration through, Books in Print, Borders
  • 50% royalties of net receipts (Approximately 30-35% of cover price on books sold through us!)
  • Monthly Sales Report 
  • Author may purchase first order of his/her book for 50% off list price (subsequent orders 30% off list, but discount increases with larger orders)
  • Add-on Specials:
  • Extra Internal Warehousing: $100. Since we are a Print-on-Demand publisher, we keep only a limited supply of books on hand to reduce inventory costs and keep your prices low. This sometimes causes delays if a book sells a number of copies at once. This package will cover our warehousing costs and keep a minimum of 7-10 copies of your book in stock at all times.
  • Level A: Includes all of the above services and one free book. The package includes a generic cover with an author photo and bio on the back (The author may supply artwork for the cover as well, as long as the work is 300dpi or greater). 
    Level B: Includes all of the basic services, Library of Congress number and three free books.
    Level C: Includes all of the basic services, Library of Congress number, five free books and professional cover.
    Level D: Includes all of the Level C services plus professional editing package (for up to 75,000 words).
    Level E: Includes all of Level D services, plus Bronze Marketing Package. 
    Level F: Includes all of Level D services and the Silver Marketing Package.
    Level G: Includes all of Level D services and the Gold Marketing Package.

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