When Now Becomes Too Late

Author: T.L. Farley

ISBN 1-58939-660-x

When Now Becomes Too Late
focuses on the very moment of imminent Rapture. That "twinkling of an eye" which shall instantaneously transport Christians from temporal to eternal life.

Aimed to encourage believers of the event, the work also intends to goad skeptics in and out of the Body of Messiah to renew afresh consideration of God's impending Trump while "now" is yet here.

Intertwining realities personalize the perspective of the miracle that shall touch every life on planet earth spontaneously. Life's simplest moments glow with eternal presence as earth's final stage unfolds as the backdrop.

What then the response of those who witness this event? They shall have embarked on the world's final days. Once more to consider, has now become too late?

The time it takes to read this passage is easily more than a million moments longer than that sparkling dot of time described herein. Then life for all of remaining humanity will gain the final edge.

On God's prophetic calendar this is the next major prophecy to be.

Category: Inspirational, Non-Fiction, Religion

Type: books

Vendor: T.L. Farley

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