A Mechanical Translation of the Book of Exodus

Author: Jeff A. Benner

ISBN 978-1-60264-391-8 (hardcover)

444 pages

A Mechanical Translation of the Book of Exodus is the second book in the Mechanical Translation of the Hebrew Bible series which literally translates the book of Exodus using the "Mechanical Translation" methodology and philosophy. This new and unique style of translation will allow a reader who has no background in Hebrew to see the text from an Hebraic perspective, without the interjection of a translator's theological opinions and bias. Because the translation method identifies the morphology of each Hebrew word it is also a tool for those who are learning to read Biblical Hebrew. Book Features: The Hebrew text of Exodus and a transliteration of the text into Roman characters. The Mechanical Translation, which translates each Hebrew word, prefix and suffix exactly the same way it occurs in the text, and in the same word order as found in the Hebrew. The Revised Mechanical Translation, which rearranges the words of the Mechanical Translation so that it can be understood by the average reader who does not understand Hebrew syntax. About five hundred footnotes on the Hebrew grammar, idioms, alternate translations and meanings of specific words and phrases. A dictionary and concordance for each word used in the Mechanical Translation. Several appendices detailing specific word and phrase translations.


Jeff A. Benner, founder of the Ancient Hebrew Research Center (www.ancient-hebrew.org) and the Mechanical Translation of the Hebrew Bible Project (www.mechanical-translation.org), has authored many books on the subject of the Ancient Hebrew alphabet, language and culture and speaks around the country on this same subject. Mr. Benner's goal is to teach proper Biblical interpretation by providing others with the tools needed to read and understand the Bible from its original Hebraic context.

Category: Inspirational, Non-Fiction, Religion

Type: books

Vendor: Jeff Benner

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