The Wrath and Judgments of God

Author: Don T. Phillips

ISBN 978-1-63868-109-0 (softcover)

144 pages

The Wrath of God is not a topic which is usually discussed today in denominational or nondenominational churches. Part of this hesitancy to study and understand the Wrath of God is a reluctance to admit that this is an important part of what constitutes the character of God. Most Biblical scholars, teachers and preachers place God’s Wrath and Righteous Judgment in the same secular package as sex, homosexuality and abortion. They are topics we address with care even though each is widely referenced in scripture. The goal of this book is to present a biblical teaching on God’s Wrath in ways that make sense to a professing Christian, even as the concept of God’s Wrath challenges secular sensibility. The second consideration is the overwhelming opinion of Christians today that God is a forgiving and loving deity who would execute wrath upon sinners. A message consistently taught today is that God is love, and a loving God could never condemn anyone to an eternity of wrath and persecution. Both positions are untenable if the Word of God is carefully studied. There are over 600 references to Wrath in the Holy Scriptures. It is certainly not something that can be overlooked or ignored.  

This book will carefully and completely discuss the complex nature and meaning of God’s Wrath. We can learn and understand much about God by examining Wrath as it is manifested in both the Old and New Testaments. This book will carefully examine:

  • The Meaning of God’s Wrath
  • The Motivation of God’s Wrath
  • The Method by which God pours out His Wrath upon mankind
  • The Magnitude of God’s Wrath upon mankind
  • The Administration of God’s Wrath

 There is a significant difference in how God’s Wrath was carried out in the Old Testament versus the New Testament, and this will also be presented and discussed. Over 30 examples of the Wrath of God will be presented.

Don T. Phillips is a biblical scholar who regularly teaches topics of interest in Bible Study Groups. He Is a retired Industrial Engineer who has written 13 other books on various biblical topics and concepts. He is a member of the Christian Fellowship Church in Navasota, Texas and an active Gideon.

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