The Conquering Kingdom of God and God's Sovereign Future Rule

Author: Barrett L. Pickett

ISBN 9781621377887 (softcover)

70 Pages

At some future time not far removed from the present, a stunning prophecy will come to life before the eyes of all of mankind. The Bible tells us that at the very return of Jesus Christ, the proclamation that put to rest the age-old struggle of wills, of just who will rule the earth, will be settled once and for all. The Lord God omnipotent reigneth (Revelation 19:6). This book includes "The Conquering Kingdom of God" and "God's Sovereign Future Rule." "The Conquering Kingdom of God" covers: * Understanding the Iron Rod * The Unchangeable Counselor and King * Jesus Christ the Controversial * The Eternal Objective * The Plan of God and Eternity "God's Sovereign Future Rule" covers: * Christ to Inherit * Universal Worship of God * The Worship of the True God * The Kingdom, Power, and Glory

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