Flawed Pots

Author: Dr. Donald Davenport

ISBN 978-1-949756-58-6 (softcover)

138 pages

The essential idea of this book is to assist us to be problem solvers and peacemakers in our relationships as Christians. When difficult situations and people disrupt the mission and culture of an organization, group or personal relationships we need to create guard rails to protect the integrity of the identity of who we are. All of us are capable of being difficult and human. The goal is to grow from who we are to who we want to be.

Dr. Donald Davenport serves as Director of Harvest Life. A leadership, marriage, and consulting ministry. He previously served for 12 years in the national office of the Evangelical Covenant denomination in mentoring pastors and speaking to congregations through out America and internationally. Dr Davenport served as senior pastor for over 21 years. He and his wife Frances, a former Education Consultant and teacher have 5 children. Dr Davenport has received many honors and recognitions. He has written two previous books on leadership and relationships.

Type: books

Vendor: Dr. Donald Davenport

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