DaisySmile: In the Valley with Meggy Moo and Friends

Author: Linda M. Burian

ISBN: 978-1-62137-854-9 (hardcover)

20 Pages

DaisySmile represents a cute family of 'moo cow' characters and other farmyard friends. Characters are loveable and full of fun. Meggy Moo loves meeting new friends and will take you on a journey of discovery. She will entertain, gently educate and even make you laugh. The story line is light and fun-filled with positive stories that entertain. The colorful graphics will capture the reader's attention. The storyline will help parents connect with their children on topics about life and nature. The beautiful Yarra Valley in Australia has been the inspiration for the storyline and characters. 'DaisySmile...always coming up daises!'


With inspiration from nature, combined with a love of creativity, DaisySmile was born. DaisySmile was created through inspiration from where the author, Linda Burian, resides. It was here that she would hear the delightful 'mooing' of cows grazing on the hilltops. The DaisySmile family live in 'Yarra Valley Beauty', a name inspired by the area which is home to many dairy farms, vineyards, craft markets and other attractions. From an early age, Linda loved drawing, designing and writing with a love for the power of words. Linda's goal is to provide children with light, fun-filled, positive stories that entertain and gently educate.

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