Eclipso's Happy Quest Book Two: Eau De Diplodocus?

Author: David Taylor

ISBN 978-1-63868-124-3 (eBook);
978-1-63868-125-0 (softcover);
978-1-63868-123-6 (hardcover)

248 pages

Eclipso's search for a surviving non-avian dinosaur turned farcical on New Britain Island, thanks to an elaborate hoax. His motley crew hopes for better in Central West Africa, home to mokele mbembe described as having a long, snake-like neck, an elephant's torso, and an alligator's tail. They have a plan to follow the creature's migratory path, listening carefully for its unique gaseous expulsions.  

But will wishful thinking get in their way?  

Will the hoaxers strike again?

And speaking of hoaxers, are the people they rescued from a dangerous swamp really time travelers?

It's a ticklish business where something might be about to stink!

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