Eclipso’s Happy Quest – Book One: Goosed by an Iguanodon?

Author: David Taylor

ISBN: 978-1-63868-076-5(softcover);
978-1-63868-077-2 (hardcover);
978-1-63868-078-9 (ebook) 

308 pages

1982: For nearly a century, large weapons supplies have been mysteriously vanishing all over the Earth.  As a result, numerous wars have been nipped in the bud, altering the course of history in ways both known and unknown.

And the Beatles are about to release a new album.

Meanwhile, the reclusive Eclipso Sunray Smith has offered paleontologist Augustine “Augie” Matias a million dollars, plus unlimited resources, to keep searching for a living dinosaur.  Augie is joined by nine others offered the same deal, including one professional skeptic of all things “woo-woo.”

Ambu says he can’t afford the luxury of indulging such foolishness.  Moreover, hoaxers could be afoot intent on sabotage.

But Bonsai Gator thinks it’s a good idea, so how about it?  Are you ready to join the happy quest?

First stop: New Britain Island!


Kind words for David Taylor's trilogy, A TALE OF FOUR PLANETS:

In this dangerous time when people are strengthening borders and compassion is at an all-time low, David Taylor's book contains an enlightened message.

-Steve Hackett, musician and composer, lead guitarist

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