Movies and the Battle of the Sexes

Author: ZetMec

ISBN 978-0-9816204-1-1 (softcover)

158 pages

MOVIES AND THE BATTLE OF THE SEXES has fun facts, celebrity quotes and classic cocktail recipes accompanying more than 300 edgy gender film recommendations cropping up on Battle of the Sexes movie lists, such as “It’s a Man’s World,” “Love is a Battlefield,” and “Sexual Warfare in the 21st Century.” 


A movie lover from the age of four, ZetMec has created a series of fun and appealing movie guides for other movie lovers as an alternative to the hefty tomes and scholarly, often negative reviews put out by film critics. After compiling a long list of first-rate movies that satisfies every movie lover’s need for a good story as well as provides a nice range of feisty gender battles, the second book in “The Good Movie Guide Series”, MOVIES AND THE BATTLE OF THE SEXES, was born. 

The first book in the series, MOVIES AND THE MEANING OF LIFE, is currently in print and recommends movies that inspire us and give meaning to our lives. Coming soon, MOVIES AND MAKING IT IN HOLLYWOOD will cover the guts, gold and glory of filmmaking, as well as the Golden Age of Hollywood movies about Hollywood! What’s your favorite kind of movie? ZetMec may be writing another Movie Lover’s guide for your favorite kind of movie as we speak!

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