A (Cosmic, Comical, Complicated) Life Alone

Author: Carla Bastos

136 pages

Countless people walk through this life alone. Even in a crowded room or a house full of family members, they are somehow alone. Never really knowing why they're not quite plugged in to the masses, many are searching for answers and finding none, or trying to fit in but finding they cannot. The loner's life may be little more than a feeling or an inclination, but it can make for a unique lifestyle of creativity and innovation, original thoughts and ideas. A Life Alone is affirmation for those who march to their own drumbeat. It is a breath of fresh air for those who wonder if there are others out there like them. The loner's life, presented here as another brand of normal, will be better understood, more readily accepted, and even appealing. Carla Bastos' walk through her own life alone ranks with the likes of Anne Lamott and Elizabeth Gilbert. Her brave, hilarious account will encourage many that, popular opinion notwithstanding, after all is said and done-it's okay.

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Vendor: Carla Bastos

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