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My Husband's a Woman Now

Author: Leslie Hilburn Fabian
ISBN 978-1-62137-431-2 (softcover)
ISBN 978-1-62137-432-9 (eBook)
238 pages

Nothing is more certain in life than change, and this change is bigger than most. In 2009, Leslie Fabian's husband, David—an orthopedic surgeon who'd been privately cross-dressing for most of his life—realized that brief forays into the world as Deborah would never be enough.

This came as no surprise to Leslie. For two decades, cross-dressing had been a part of their lives; but she had witnessed her spouse's devastation each time he returned to his male persona. Once David finally realized he was "more than just a cross-dresser," Leslie encouraged him to become Deborah.

My Husband's a Woman Now is the personal, heartfelt tale of a wife supporting her mate's transition to female, while grieving the loss of her male partner. It's a love story, abounding with tales of the Fabians' challenges, changes, and ultimate triumph over the radical upheaval of their their own choice.

This story can and will inspire you, whether you're transgender, gay, straight—or anything in-between!


"Leslie's book isn't just for wives whose husbands are making the transition to being a woman, or for couples whose relationship is rocky and may be considering divorce. Her book is an incredible story of "a shared journey of love" and a reminder to everyone who reads it of what is truly important for all of us—in our lives and in all of our relationships; loving, forgiveness, honoring, trust, honesty, friendship, spirit, fun, laughter and joy—bottom line, to remember life is a journey and continual process of awakening our hearts." —Candace Semigran, Vice President and COO, Insight Seminars, Author, One Minute Self Esteem: Caring For Yourself and Others

"Leslie Fabian has written a heartfelt and transparent account of a most challenging life experience—partnering with a husband who is transsexual. She offers the reader a look into their most personal process and tackles the gargantuan task of writing with self-awareness and honesty about their many challenges. Absolute devotion and deep love have been the foundation of their continued commitment. This book will be an eye-opener for those who struggle with similar situations as well as an unintended primer on what it takes to maintain and grow a deeply intimate relationship against many odds." —Niela Miller, MS Ed, retired LCSW & LMHC, Author, Counseling in Genderland: A Guide for You and Your Transgendered Client

"While I have known many married couples facing the transgender dilemma, I have known very few who have so thoroughly coped with the difficult problems that must be faced on a daily basis. And I know none who have been able to better express all of that—and more—than Leslie Fabian. I am convinced that this book will have a lasting effect for years to come..."—Jenny Stevens, Author, From Masculine to Feminine and To Be a Woman

"Leslie's writing is both compassionate and passionate. She abundantly shares with the reader the inner-most struggles and deepest soul-searching of her own transition journey. In this sharing, she beautifully reminds us that change is a constant in the Universe. She informs us of how acceptance of this ever-flowing change brought her to a place of inner peace and harmony. The power of love is her constant companion on her spiritual journey of revelation and connection."--Reverend John Pastor, Unitarian Universalist Society of Gardner, MA

Leslie Hilburn Fabian is a clinical social worker, psychotherapist, public speaker, minister, wife, mother, and stepmother. She holds a Master of Social Work degree from Boston College and is licensed as an Independent Clinical Social Worker in Massachusetts, where she lives with her spouse and a pooch of questionable lineage. This is Leslie's first book. Visit her at

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