2000 Days in China: 1998-2009

Author: John Hemmingsen

ISBN 978-1-60264-538-7 (softcover)
ISBN 978-1-60264-539-4 (eBook)

250 pages

"2000 Days in China" (1998-2009) is an enthralling memoir revealing the author's experiences living in the exotic captivating culture of central China. The authors mandate was to build a profitable business in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province but while living there he became addicted to China.

First part: Building the business. Not a boring how to build a business but a revelation of personal involvement with captivating co-workers. John and his wife experienced an incredible learning curve through cultural exchanges with work relationships and personal friendships during John's tenure in China.

Part two: Establishing Personal Relationships: tells of developing relationships with four children and their families. The four Children came to Canada and learned firsthand some of the significant cultural diversity between China and Western countries. A highlight of the book is letters from the kids telling of their lasting impressions of their trip to Canada.

Part Three: Exploring China, - History, Future and Impressions: details and documents the significant changes experienced in a rapidly developing China. First hand insight is given into some of the massive problems that continue to plague China in that countries incredible race to a permanent status as a dominant industrial power.


John is a Metallurgical Engineer, and was Vice President for a global corporation. John spent 46 years in the Steel Industry in Canada and the USA. He ran and eventually built steel foundries in several different countries, lastly and with most personal impact, China.

Imagine lecturing to a Chinese University, through a translator and being asked to return as an full time instructor.

John is now retired and has spent the last year correlating his notes and memories to write a story for his friends and grandkids. But, the manuscript had a mind of its own, it just grew, people loved his stories and wanted to hear more of living and learning in China. People kept telling him to write his memoir so here goes.

Now John can after years of living away, get on with family, renew friendships, use his boat, catch fish and above all else, stay off planes.

John and Cherie have residences on idyllic Quadra Island in British Columbia, in Tega Cay, South Carolina and maintain a wee residence to continue close ties to Portland Oregon.

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