Michael: An Endtime Sign

Author: Carolyn Smith Phillips

ISBN 978-1-60264-560-8 (softcover)

208 pages

"Michael An Endtime Sign" is a story that caters to the whole family, as well as teens. It builds faith at a time such as now when our hopes and dreams are being crushed almost daily by the economy and healthcare reform, as well as rising costs in medical insurance and treatments. Tammy, age 22, after five specialists said that it was impossible for her to have a baby wouldn't give up. She turned to prayer. Her mother received three visits from the Archangel Gabriel. The same angel that announced the birth of Isaac, John the Baptist and her own savior, Jesus Christ, recorded in the King James Bible. This angel revealed conception, birth, and their move to Virginia when the baby boy was fifteen months old, for his protection. Talk about faith and hope! This book is so compelling that it will raise your level of faith to a ten. This miraculous birth and saddening death make for a definite must-read. Michael, age nineteen, was shot and killed in his home on June 21, 2008. After his death his grandmother said the Lord spoke to her and told her to write this book and publish it for the world to read, for he surely was an Endtime Sign for his generation and the generations to come.


Carolyn Smith Phillips of Halifax, Virginia is a wife, mother of three, step-mother of two, grandmother of six, step-grandmother of four, and God-grandmother of one. She is also a Toy Chinese Chihuahua breeder and a published author.
Before her disability and retirement, the author lived a very active life. She was a real estate investor and paralegal, a Christian counselor who worked with unmarried pregnant teens and abused children for the Southern Baptist Association of Jacksonville, Florida. She also had her own radio talk show for six years and was a regular guest on several local Christian Television shows. She now resides in her hometown.
The author graduated from Halifax County schools and continued her education at Keysville Community College, Danville Community College, and Old Dominion of Virginia. Her subjects consisted of real estate, law, finance, real estate appraisal, physiology, sociology, as well as the Century Twenty-One School of Real Estate, W.V. Grant Ministries Texas, where she received a minister's certificate, and The First Superet Light Branch Church of Washington, D.C. where she finished a twelve lesson course in Spiritual Light and received her instructor's certificate. The author continued her love and studies where she graduated with the Institute of Children's Literature of West Redding, Connecticut.

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