A Journey of Voices: The Builders

Author: Diane McAdams Gladow

ISBN 978-1-62137-956-0 (softcover)

332 Pages



The third book in Diane Gladow's nonfiction series, A Journey of Voices, about ordinary families and their connection to American history, The Builders, gives the reader the opportunity to revisit many of the great watermark events of American history and goes further back in time to the early history of Scotland. From the beginning of the family name, McAdams, in Scotland in the 1400s to the small-town boy who was highly decorated in VVVVII, each generation brings new adventures and family members who were able to tell their own story through letters and documents they left behind. From old legends to tales of adventure and survival in immigrating to a new country, to the horrors of war, to struggling and overcoming poverty, to life in small town America, the stories abound to help the reader understand what living history really meant. Through it all there was humor too, making this romp through history an entertaining read.

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