Year of the Rat

Author: Don Hart

ISBN 1-58939-301-5 (softcover)

168 pages

Robert Stevens is a blind Vietnam veteran. He's also newly-elected president of the United States who, many fear, is about to bring America into war with China. Stevens is convinced the United States can keep the Communist nation from invading Taiwan. But others, including Speaker of the House Jack Wolfe, are equally certain America's interference can only result in nuclear war. Consequently, Wolfe, with the help of a Communist Chinese agent, plans to trap and kill the president during a scheduled visit to an underground storage facility that, ironically, is being considered as a nuclear waste repository. However the plans go awry. The president survives the massive underground explosion and is determined to struggle his way to the surface. Accompanying Stevens is Stephanie Jacobs, a seriously injured college student, a seriously injured college student, Brad Davis, a veteran who must first overcome his own war-caused demons, and David Michaels, a former photojournalist who made Stevens famous with a combat photo that failed to tell the whole tale.

Category: Fiction, Mystery, Suspense

Type: books

Vendor: Don Hart

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