Wider Than Blood

Author: Peter Tyzack

ISBN 978-1-60264-216-6

512 pages

rld of Ladbroke Square mansions and exclusive Pall Mall clubs to the squalid slums of Limehouse; where they encounter Edmund, Barrington's pleasure-seeking son, Sun Lijuan, an alluring Chinese cocubine, Gabriel Tolchard, a disillusioned missionary from China running a soup kitchen for the homeless, George Watson, Barrington's bullying foreman, and Biao Feng, the sadistic leader of a Chinese secret society. Against the fascinating background of the history of the British Empire, Peter Tyzack - as in his first novel "Rooted in Dishonor" - addresses the moral issues facing Victorian England by creating a complex and dramatic plot with a rich kaleidoscope of characters.

Type: books

Vendor: Peter Tyzack

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