Unspoken Fear... Is Your Child Turning Into Your Ex?

Author: gz rahn

ISBN 978-1-60264-267-6 (softcover)
116 pages

Single moms refer to the totally absent fathers as "sperm donors", SD for short... absent from contributing any emotional, physical or financial support for the child or children he helps bring into the world.

We all have our plates full as it is, but the SD has uncanny timing and will pop back into our child's life right before puberty. They will interrupt their lives and mess with their minds, while trying the entire time to pit our kids against us. The reality is you have to be strong and pick up all the pieces and mend broken little hearts. This story will hit home... it could be your best friend, your sister or someone a lot more personal... it could be you.

This book reads like a good friend is telling you her story. We are not alone; there are countless women who are faced with the same fear. And when the dark side of SD began to come through and take over my son, well, let's just say... oh, shoot... read the book.


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Type: books

Vendor: gz rahn

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