There I Was ... Flat on My Back at 20,000 Feet

Author: Bill Dettmer

ISBN 978-1-63868-145-8 (softcover)

384 pages; Color

It would seem presumptuous to call this an autobiography. After all, I haven't achieved the notoriety common among public figures—entertainers, politicians, wartime leaders, artists, etc.—that would warrant publishing a book like this.

No, this book is intended for my children, my grandchildren ... my posterity.

I never knew either of my grandfathers. I wish I had. They both died before I was born. And neither of them was an author or left anything in writing that could have told me who they were.

I recorded 4,000 hours flying time in T29, T37, T38 and B52 aircraft during 23 years in service. I flew 75 combat missions during the Vietnam War in B52s.

These are the stories I want my grandchildren to remember.

Type: books

Vendor: Bill Dettmer

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