The Shortest Distance - Harmony Through Prosperity

Author: John A. Armistead

ISBN 978-1-60264-985-9 (softcover)

120 pages

Busy people benefit by finding the Shortest Distance between where they are and where they wish to be. That's really a figurative efficiency of travel that applies not just to a person's manner of travel, but to the totality of their daily lives. Typically, our first motive is just to survive. However, most who can dream and work hard, also strive to be happy and to prosper, fairly.
As our population grows, people contact a greater number of other people. In myriad ways, each person's success is influenced by the successes of others. It's difficult to be happy and prospering in a world where others aren't. The chapters in this book will suggest ways, and even simple attitudes, that can improve the socioeconomic climate for a large majority in this country. The author is an inventor. And those are always looking for better ways of doing things!
The ideas in this little book have evolved to be core principles of: The New Constitution of the United States of America. If you believe, as does the author of both works, that optimum ways can be found for citizens to live and work together in better harmony, then that seed should be planted and nurtured! Each American plays a vital role.

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