The Seeker

Author: Kevin Wollenweber

ISBN 978-1-63868-132-8 (softcover); 
978-1-63868-133-5 (eBook)

186 pages

Join Alex and Courtney Dante, and their heavenly allies, in the continuing battle of good versus evil as Lucifer is obsessed with learning the extent of Alex’s power and the location of the rogue demon, Gayland. Alex continues to thwart the plans of Lucifer as a different minion, Orin, is tasked with the nearly impossible job of using Alex to discover the whereabouts of Gayland. Orin’s plan takes a devious and unthinkable turn that will expose evil has no limits.

 Meanwhile, Alex and Courtney go through major changes in their lives and Gayland questions whether Alex is truly able to protect him from the nefarious designs of Lucifer. Ride along as the story of the black leather jacket is revealed and the close friends of the Dantes, Cindy and Tyler, prove to Gayland that Alex truly is a man of his word.

 A discussion between Alex and Courtney provides an understanding of Alex’s role and what the future holds for them, and all of mankind, as the story reaches it amazing conclusion.

Kevin Wollenweber is a storyteller and artist. He enjoys drawing, painting and creating stories about the end times. The characters in his stories depict people who have been chosen to serve God in remarkable ways to fight the powerful forces of evil.

Type: books

Vendor: Kevin Wollenweber

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