The Second Coming of Common Sense

Author: A.J. Wildman

ISBN 188139931-1 (softcover)

ISBN 978-1-60264-984-2 (eBook)

720 pages

When starting this book on July 1, 2005 I already believed that neither Party had the vision or political guts to effectively confront the Special Interest driven Status Quo and resolve our Common Problems. It is now early February 2008 and the events of the last two-and-a-half years, unfortunately, have proven them less capable or willing to confront those challenges.

It is just another reason why somebody had to write such a book as CS2 about really confronting or resolving some of those serious on-going problems - to call our People to action - and to propose our Second American Revolution.
In 1776, it took Common Sense and our national ancestor's blood and determination to create America and our radical new Democratic government. They confronted the all too powerful Few that are exercising far too much power over the Common Good and regain control over our national Destiny. That not being dramatic, because it is the Plain Truth.
We the People must decide our nation's future. To confront our historic challenges of 2008 and decide whether or not to control our own destiny...
In particular I am challenging my fellow Baby Boomers for it is now our watch. We must show true leadership for the sake of our children's generation and for those that follow them.
And, like it or not, We will now unavoidably make that Common Decision−either by our deliberate action or our inaction.

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